Meet The Team

Jill Lock

Hello, I'm Jill Lock, a registered nurse with over four years of critical care nursing experience and three years specializing in pulmonary and sleep outpatient care. Currently, I'm preparing for acute care nurse practitioner school to further expand my knowledge and skills. My strengths lie in critical thinking, providing compassionate care, exhibiting excellent bedside manners, and leveraging my bilingual skills to connect with patients. Beyond my profession, I find fulfillment in spending quality time with my two children and cherished friends, reflecting my passion for both my work and personal life.

Vanessa Martinez

Hello , my name is Vanessa Martinez. I am a certified medical assistant at BreatheSleepMD. I am committed to demonstrate compassionate patient care, knowledge and meticulous administrative duties. I graduated from College of Healthcare Professionals and have 4+ years of experience. I am a friendly, loyal, outgoing individual who loves to learn and grow in life. I am a proud bilingual Houstonian that enjoys traveling, trying new food and spending time with loved ones.

Mahley Tristan

Hello, my name is Mahely Tristan and I am a bilingual medical assistant at BreatheSleepMD. I am a committed and certified medical assistant that is eager to provide great general care to BreatheSleepMD patients. I went to Remington college and graduated with a 4.0. I love reading romance books, traveling and eating good food.

Lizette Amazonas

Lizette is a very dedicated assistant with a genuine desire to help patients. She has undergone comprehensive training on patient data protection and is well-versed in compliance with clinic standards and protocols. Outside work, she loves immersing in nature activities with family and friends. During her quiet time, she spends it reading and studying about recent innovations.

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